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Prestige at Hampton – Progress Update (February, 2023)

Prestige at Hampton

Prestige at Hampton is a collection of ten 5-bedroom deluxe villas designed to provide you with the necessary comfort using modern technology and aesthetically pleasing architectural designs. It is situated in Palm Springs, behind Nicon Town, Ikate, a family-friendly neighbourhood, fully serviced and equipped with ecofriendly facilities.

It’s no secret that Prestige at Hampton is moving fast, and we’re excited to share some of the milestones we’ve attained this month with you. Scroll to see

Block 1-4

Progress update on Block 1-4

  • 30% Block work to second floor slab in Block 1 & 4
  • 100% Column reinforcement installation of Block 3
  • 100% Column casting of Block 2
  • Swimming pool excavation of Block 1

Block 5

Progress Update on Block 5

  • 95% Stair-Case Marble Installation
  • 70% First Coat Painting
  • 20% Installation of External Door

Block 6-10

Progress Update on Block 6-10

  • 20 % casting of Lift Shaft on Block 7-10
  • 10% Floor screeding on Block 7
  • 80% ELV works on Block 8 and 9
  • 40% Installation of windows in Block 9 and 10

Project delivery date: July 2023

Buying a property off-plan does not only give you the advantage to buy below the market price, it gives you the opportunity to flip (resell) at a profit upon completion. Looking to buy a unit of Prestige at Hampton? Please contact us at 08059675145 or [email protected]

Not currently looking for a house but love what you see? You can earn up to 5 Million Naira by referring someone to purchase a unit of Prestige at Hampton. For more information, call: 08059675145, 08036934063 or send an email to [email protected]





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