What ESG is and why it’s important to us at HEREL

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You might be a sustainability buff and know what ESG is, or you’ve casually heard about it, or maybe you have not at all and that’s okay. Let’s have a quick refresher or, introduction, depending on what the case is for you.

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. They are non-financial factors investors use to measure an investment or company’s sustainability. It is a term used to represent an organization’s interests that focus mainly on sustainable and ethical impacts.

Environmental factors look at the conservation of the natural world and an organisation’s impact on the planet and in real estate terms, these would primarily focus on the energy efficiency of buildings, reducing emissions, waste management and recycling tactics amongst other things.

For Social, the focus is more on the organisation’s impact on people, i.e. how a company treats people both inside and outside. Governance factors consider how a company is run. Is the company transparent and honest? Proper governance gives you the assurance that your investments as a client or partner are in good hands.

We believe that organizations should operate with a beyond profit mindset, and we duly act on this belief by implementing ESG strategies in our processes and operations. Below are some of the ways these benefit us and our clients:

  • Sustainable Developments- Our ESG practices with respect to good design, energy efficiency, recycling practices, reducing emissions-by way of restoring and renovating existing buildings. enable us to deliver environmentally sustainable projects.
  • Cost Efficiency– If you can look beyond the initial cost, these practices, incorporated into the fabric of our organization and our construction operations are helping us to reduce general, building, maintenance and operational costs in the long run.
  • Healthier Living– Our ESG practices improve indoor air quality and overall health and well-being of occupants by reducing exposure to harmful substances and pollutants. We are integrating waste and water recycling processes in our developments to improve upon this further.
  • Durable Structures- The quest for sustainable developments influences our choices in terms of design, processes and materials to be used which in turn leads to the construction of durable sustainable projects that stand the test of time.
  • Employee Output- The social ESG practices implemented within the company boost employee motivation and satisfaction, which in turn increases productivity within the team to serve you better.

These benefits are pointers to the fact that when you buy a property from HEREL, you’re getting much more than an apartment or a building. You’re helping make the planet a better place, getting a better living experience and much more value for your building.

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