Our Impact

Our Approach to ESG

We believe that organizations should operate with a beyond profit mindset. Our focus is on people, the environment and society and all our investment opportunities and operational dealings are in line with making a positive impact and strengthen the communities in which we live and work.

Empowering our society

Directly and through our ecosystem, we have created job opportunities for people within the environment where HEREL developments are located. We also know that when businesses look after their people, they reap enormous advantages and we do this while ensuring we have strong female representation in key roles without compromising on skill.

Reducing the Environmental impact

We do this by ensuring the use of renewable energy within HEREL developments, fitting developments with appliances that increase efficiency and partnering with recycling companies to ensure proper waste management


At HEREL, we ensure that your interests as a shareholder is protected at all times; adhering to our transparency values.