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What We Do

HEREL is an investment vehicle that increases the value of real estate properties to provide value to large institutions and individuals. At the core of our existence is making a positive difference in lives, spaces and the economy. Our mission is to create self-sufficient spaces focused on enhancing value. Our efforts and capital provide job opportunities, grow companies and support local economies.

Investing with HEREL guarantees

Sustainable Returns

All investors benefit from steady cashflow generated from operating businesses


As an investor, you benefit from part ownership of every property you invest in

Asset Backing

HEREL investments are channeled towards real estate projects making them backed by tangible assets

Capital Appreciation

The value of your asset grows year on year, ensuring increase in your shareholding value

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Prestige at Hampton – Progress Update (July, 2023)

We are making steady progress towards the completion of our 10 premium 5-bedroom villas located at Palm Springs Road, behind Nicon Town in Ikate. Each day, we diligently work on constructing these remarkable units, brick by brick, cement by cement, and block by block. Prestige at Hampton is nestled in a family-friendly neighborhood, fully serviced, and equipped with eco-friendly facilities. We are excited to share


HEREL Bringing Ghost Buildings Back to Life (Vol. 1) – The Lagos Manor

Although general residential vacancy rates in Nigerian urban centres are low currently, there seems to be a “ghost building” phenomenon in the highbrow areas- particularly Ikoyi and Victoria Island in Lagos. From conversations, people suggest that these deserted properties exist because of a disconnect between their costs and the value potential buyers or tenants believe is being offered.   The history of a city is important