Our Company

At HEREL, we believe that adding value and creating impact is the most sustainable way to guarantee success. We work with partners to identify, build and manage spaces that can create better experiences, generate higher returns and create stronger communities. 

What We Do

We make real estate investment more profitable, easily accessible and exciting.

Providing Sustainable Returns

Our investments are designed to conserve and increase our clients’ wealth over market cycles, so you can benefit from consistent cash flow generated by operational businesses.

Increasing Individual Property Portfolios

Everyone who invests in HEREL owns a piece of the buildings within HEREL’s portfolio.

Focusing on Specific Industries

All HEREL developments focus on providing value in the hospitality, entertainment and lifestyle industries.

Impacting Lives:

Through our properties, we provide jobs for companies and people within the community, help businesses scale while creating establishments and spaces that benefit the community and economy

What we have created with HEREL is remarkable. The strength of our ecosystem is the foundation of our business. Our innovative and research-focused team ensures our communities are unique, aesthetically pleasing and value-added. Through these, we deliver exponential returns and shape the future of African real estate development and investment.

Olaposi Lawore
Managing Director