HEREL, Real Estate Investment Company Raises N20BN, Invests in HSE Gourmet

Herel (1)

In a bid to increase the value of real estate investments in Nigeria and provide more alternative sources of investments, HEREL, a real estate investment company, headquartered in Lagos, announces its commitment to open its door to strategic investors, just as it successfully raises N20bn in capital.

The company which has an asset base of over N16.8bn is focused on delivering exponential returns and shaping the future of African real estate development and investment one project at a time. In line with its business goals, HEREL has also announced its investment in HSE Gourmet, a comfort food restaurant. With this, HEREL has established itself as an active investor in the hospitality and lifestyle space in Nigeria and Ghana respectively.

Speaking on this achievement, Managing Director, HEREL, Olaposi Lawore, said: “The partnership with HSE Gourmet was an important step establishing the connection between differentiated dining experiences and HEREL developments as HSE is a major player in the food and beverage industry with a solid track record in service delivery”

‘’The focus on ecosystems is also one of the company’s differentiated strategies thus making the strength of HEREL’s value chain, the foundation of our business.’’ He added.

Also commenting, CEO/Founder HSE Gourmet, Nkesi Enyioha, said: “the investment from HEREL is an opportunity that allows us (HSE) to expand and explore potentials we already knew existed”.

She added that the HSE team is excited because the partnership allows for both parties (HSE and HEREL) to make a stamp in the hospitality industry. The company (HEREL) is also responsible for the development of Boardroom Apartments, a successful boutique Hotel located in the highbrow Lekki area of Lagos, among many other investments and development.

While there are other real estate investment companies in the country, HEREL on its part has decided to remain innovative and focuses on partner integrations aimed at increasing the value of properties as well as building an ecosystem of partners across over ten service-providing industries, including hospitality, health, wellness, construction, food and beverages.

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