The Future of Real Estate Investment

The future of real estate

According to Forbes, the real estate industry has created more billionaires than any other access class. It has also been the go-to investment for those looking to build long term wealth for generation, and while it is hard predicting the future, a study of trends and housing market signals around the world indicate growth in the industry.

While some of the factors influencing the positive outlook of this industry include; changes to how people view their homes (think work from home culture) and technological innovation (smart homes and automation), savvy investors are looking beyond the traditional real estate asset classes.
More investors globally are now moving from traditional real estate classes like residential or office spaces to alternative special sector investments – focusing on data centres, recreational homes etc.

Similar to the types of properties developed by HEREL, specialist sector investments appear niche, but they have proven lucrative and are increasingly mainstream.
At the core of its (specialist sector investment) success is data and the ability to use it to identify and respond to the different experiences customers seek.

In a report shared by KPMG, an increasingly attractive path in real estate investing is building alliances and collaboration. At HEREL, there is a focus on collaboration through our consistent ever-growing ecosystem of complementary service provider businesses needed to succeed in the hospitality and entertainment industry.

As a whole, the future of real estate investment is looking up, and smart investors should look into diversifying their portfolios to include this.
At HEREL, we focus on data, technology and collaboration to develop spaces that increase real estate yield by over 15%.
You can start your real estate investment journey with us; send an email to [email protected].

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