The HEREL Story


Real estate has always and continues to be a major alternative investment platform around the world.
However, while being adopted by many, the yield on real estate investments are typically low, ~6% per annum.

With keen interest, lots of expertise and desire for growth in the real estate industry, the HEREL team sort to create a system that allows for the increase in the value of properties that leads to an increase in yield.

This solution led to the birth of HEREL. HEREL – an acronym for Hospitality, Entertainment, Real Estate and Lifestyle – is a real estate investment company that increases the value of properties by providing an array of complimentary hospitality, entertainment and lifestyle-related services on them.

Boutique hotel, BoardRoom Apartments was the pilot study for the HEREL approach to real estate development. The boutique hotel has live-in single and apartment type rooms, meeting rooms, an indoor and rooftop restaurant, a spa and a cafe, all catering to the different needs of consumers per time. Due to the approach of development for this property, we were able to increase the value of the space by over 15% to 20%. This success is now being replicated across the different properties HEREL owns in Nigeria and Ghana, with each property serving a unique purpose in the community.

At HEREL, value isn’t only monetary; there is a lot of focus in the community – ensuring we’re building properties that people within the community need -, and on people – we provide jobs for people within the communities our properties are situated. We also place a lot of value on our ecosystem – the complimentary service-based businesses needed to boost our developments. Today we have partnered with over ten service-based businesses across the hospitality, wellness, construction, security, food and beverage industries.
Some say this is the future of real estate investment, we say the future is here, and it’s HEREL.

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