What We Do

HEREL is an investment vehicle that increases the value of real estate properties to provide value to large institutions and individuals. At the core of our existence is making a positive difference in lives, spaces and the economy. Our mission is to create self-sufficient spaces focused on enhancing value. Our efforts and capital provide job opportunities, grow companies and support local economies.

Investing with HEREL guarantees

Sustainable Returns

All investors benefit from steady cashflow generated from operating businesses


As an investor, you benefit from part ownership of every property you invest in

Asset Backing

HEREL investments are channeled towards real estate projects making them backed by tangible assets

Capital Appreciation

The value of your asset grows year on year, ensuring increase in your shareholding value

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Prestige at Hampton – Progress Update (February, 2023)

Prestige at Hampton is a collection of ten 5-bedroom deluxe villas designed to provide you with the necessary comfort using modern technology and aesthetically pleasing architectural designs. It is situated in Palm Springs, behind Nicon Town, Ikate, a family-friendly neighbourhood, fully serviced and equipped with ecofriendly facilities. It’s no secret that Prestige at Hampton is moving fast, and we’re excited to share some of the


Why We’re Empowering Youths in the Real Estate Sector – HEREL

HEREL, a real estate development and investment firm, says its commitment to training the younger generation of Nigerians in the real estate sector is to expose them to inherent opportunities and tackle the scourge of unemployment in the country. HEREL recently organised a seminar for the youths at its Boardroom Apartments in Lekki, Lagos, with the theme “establishing yourself in the real estate space.’’ According


The Future of Real Estate Investment

According to Forbes, the real estate industry has created more billionaires than any other access class. It has also been the go-to investment for those looking to build long term wealth for generation, and while it is hard predicting the future, a study of trends and housing market signals around the world indicate growth in the industry. While some of the factors influencing the positive


Portfolio Insights

Knowledge is power and information is liberating. Find out all you need to know about the market, industry as well as HEREL developments and updates.